Pets Forum

The Net’s best source of information on your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, reptile or other animal AND where to shop for your pet!

The PetsForum Group has a new set of pet and animal Forums. Formerly available only on CompuServe these Forums are now open to everyone. We invite you to come and visit.

PetsForum Group Network – Forums

Cats Forum is the online home of the most experienced and friendliest cat people you will ever meet.

Dogs Forum is the place for info on companion training, competition, breeding, and having fun with your favorite canine companion.

Aquaria/Fish Forum (FishNet) is the place for info on freshwater tropical fish, marine and reef aquariums, ponds and more

Birds Forum is the place to discuss all birds from Amazon parrots to Zebra finches, and everything in between. Come on in and tell us all about your favorite feathered friends.

Horses Forum is the place to talk about things involving horses.

From hamsters to rabbits, guinea pigs to ferrets… Small Mammals Forum is the place to talk about your favorite pets & animals

Calling All Critters is the place where the pets take over the keyboard!